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Meet the hometown heroes.

New Year. New Us.

Founded in 2017, Nectarine Clean started as a home cleaning business by Doug McGlothlin. After 2 months the business pivoted and began to focus on pressure washing. In Spring 2018, Mo Abour joined the team as a Business Development manager and clarified the business focus to solely commercial services. He believed that there was a greatly underserved market of hospitality businesses in the Chicago area and the difficulties of maintaining their kitchen equipment and exteriors. Doug and his team left shortly after allowing a new team to make the complete transition. Mo reached out to close friends and entrepreneurs Adem Markicic and Admir Mehanovic to join the company as partners.

As they, grew they expanded their portfolio to related industries such as  residential and commercial property, transportation, recreation and municipalities. By specializing in these industries, and with their backgrounds in the pressure washing industry, they were able to create new services that clients didn’t even know existed.

They believed that by providing more value to customers such as flexibility, improving the customer experience, automated communication, and focusing on creating lasting relationships, the business will prosper.

Our mission is to change the way property services are done and create new standards for what the industry should uphold. We look forward to working together.

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Meet The Team

Adem Markicic

Adem Markicic


A Lincoln Park Native, Adem runs all operations on the ground. From logistics to equipment maintenance, he is our go to guy for anything involving superior service to our clientele. Adem also owns a security camera installation company servicing properties and medical centers from Chicago to South Bend.

Admir Mehanovic

Admir Mehanovic


Admir, born and raised on the Far North Side, handles our financial well being, focusing on improving quality of service while driving down expenses. An investor himself, he has various projects around the city from contracting building maintenance to running a successful hookah lounge.


Mo Abour

Mo Abour


Mo, the only southsider in the group, is an alumnus of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. With years of management experience under his belt, Mo’s focus is operations, sales, and marketing as well as innovating new methods for faster and more accurate service.


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