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Chicago restaurants from the West Loop to River North are known worldwide and are always in competition. Regular maintenance and restaurant deep cleaning is the factor to help set you apart.

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Looking For Restaurant Cleaning Companies in Chicago?

Employees. vendors, inventory, menus, customers, changing neighborhoods, and health code compliance are just a few items on every restaurant manager or owners plate (no pun intended) every day. And that’s not even including restaurants that serve liquor. Day in and day out you’re expected to deal with everything from complaints from staff to complaints from customers with a smile on your face, treating everyone kindly and leading by example as to how your brand does customer service. But then you come home and check your email to see that someone had given you one star on Yelp because the bathroom was dirty. It’s soul crushing – we get it, we did it for years. But there is a solution.

While many businesses might want to cut their cleaning services and instead have employees who are on the clock do it, do you know if it’s effective? Sure, your monthly expenses go down immediately but what about the long term costs? Over-worked employees cutting corners in cleanliness can land you a bad review (best case) or hefty health code violation (not so good case). They might not know how to properly clean something causing chemical spills, cuts, or other injuries to themselves and others.

With R&R Chicago we help design a restaurant cleaning service that fits your needs and your budget. From developing new faster methods to clean ovens to mastering the health code requirements to quickly get your Chicago restaurant back in compliance. So don’t take chances, the hospitality industry is not an easy one and cutting corners is a one way ticket to city hall. Join local companies like Park Grill, Parson’s Chicken & Fish, Bang Bang Pie Shop, and Cheesie’s who’ve made the move to R&R Chicago!

What we can provide

  • Logistical Planning
  • Health Code Compliance & Inspection Preparation
  • Custom Cleaning Plans
  • Industry veterans with experience
  • Affordable daily, monthly, weekly rates
  • Technology assisted efficency growth

Areas that can be cleaned

  • Dining Area
  • Restrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Alleys
  • Exterior Building
  • Equipment

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Exterior Building Cleaning

Storefront cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, window washing, and more


Awning Cleaning

Get rid of ugly mildew and algae stains on your awning.

Patio cleaning

Chicago summers are notoriously short, make sure your beer garden is the place to be this season

Sidewalk cleaning

Keep your sidewalks free from grease, spills, and garbage.

Drive thru cleaning

Get your drive thru looking brand new with hot water pressure washing.


Dumpster Pad Cleaning

A poorly maintained dumpster pad enclosure area is covered in spills, grease, garbage, and smells awful. AKA a perfect breeding ground for pests and rodents.

Restaurant Deep Cleaning

Dining room, kitchen, or both? With our process we can get you ready to pass any health inspection!


Custom routine maintenance including restroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, window washing, supply restocking and more. When you need restaurant janitorial services you’ll know where to go.

Oven Cleaning

Get rid of burnt grease, char, and other contaminants from your commercial oven and see how much better your food tastes!

BBQ Smoker Cleaning

With our steam cleaning technology and food-safe chemicals, we can turn back the time on your smoker as if you bought it yesterday.

Deep Fryer Cleaning

Old fries, fat, and who knows what else is lurking at the bottom of that vat. Don’t wait to find out, get it cleaned out today.

Used Equipment Cleaning

Looking to get some extra value on your equipment before you sell it? From restaurant hoods to ovens, R&R Chicago should be your go to restaurant equipment cleaners.


Painting walls and other structures (excludes parking lot striping)

Emergency Handyman Services

When your oven breaks, exhaust fan stops working, or other nightmare that always seems to happen at the worst time. Give us a call.


High Dusting

Cleaning difficult to reach spots, eliminating bacteria, dust and dirt build-up


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Those dark lines in between your tiled dining room area? Yes everyone can see the grout. Ask about getting your tile and grout cleaned during your next kitchen deep clean service.

Maintenance & Repair

For everyday issues our skilled technicians are trained to help you overcome any restaurant equipment, building, or other repair needed.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Restaurant grease trap cleaning is not easy, clean, or fun. Don’t waste your time and sanity attempting, just give us a call.

Satisfied Customers Think...

Very happy great job!
-Yallo Bakery via Google Reviews

Benefits of Restaurant Cleaning


Curb appeal

In today’s digital age, reputation is everything. Having a clean, well-maintained restaurant can make that much of a difference for prospective customers trying to decide where to eat. Also no need to give people a reason to leave a bad review.


Risk Management

Having employees keep the restaurant clean may mean lower monthly expenses but in the long run you’ll increase chances of injury, poor quality, and more. R&R Chicago can remove these risks and  provides $2 Million in General liability coverage, $500,000 in Worker’s Compensation, Commercial Auto insurance, and more if needed. 

Health Department Compliance

On top of everything else you have going on an ill timed shutdown of your restaurant is a living nightmare. Don’t take a chance by having guys you found on Craigslist take on this task. R&R Chicago will create a custom success plan to get you up to compliance in no time!

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Questions & Answers

Q: Do you guys use a restaurant cleaning checklist?

A: Not only do we use a checklist for deep cleaning restaurants but we also do a walkthrough with you and create one from scratch. Focusing on your areas of concern we then try and handle complimentary areas to help bring out the wow factor

Q: What other companies offer restaurant cleaning Chicago?

A: There aren’t really too many. You have Andy’s Chicago and if you’re into chain service providers – Jani-King. But be wary as many of these franchises are owned by people who have no experience in what they do – they just bought the name!

Q: Do you offer steam cleaning?

A: Yes. We can steam clean just about anything from tile & grout to carpet to even restaurant equipment. For our full list of services check out our services page.

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