Parking Lot Maintenance

Exterior cleaning, sidewalks, and stain removal. For all your apartment complex, condominiums, and other property needs.
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Property Managers have a difficult job of managing both relationships with tenants as well as property owners. Making sure expenses are down while tenants have their needs met is no easy task. At R & R Chicago, we have years of experience as property managers and curated services specifically for property managers to accomplish their goals of having a clean and inviting exterior at an affordable rate. 

Apartment Complex Services

Pressure washing

Hot or cold water, detergent or not, scrubbers, sweepers, and more.

Parking lot striping

Striping, numbering, and hash marks for your lot.

Concrete Repair

Repairing stoppers, cracks, and more

Concrete sealing

Protect your concrete from oil, grease, and freeze-thaw damage. Replacement is costly, seal your concrete and your investment.

Parking Bumper INSTALLation

Installation or replacement of parking spot bumpers.

High Dusting

Cleaning difficult to reach spots, eliminating bacteria, dust and dirt build-up


Painting walls and other structures (excludes parking lot striping)


Routine Maintenance & Monthly Pressure Washing

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Warehouse Cleaning Benefits


Higher Morale

No one likes coming into work when even the boss doesn’t care how the place looks. Getting your warehouse cleaned and sealed takes the first step forward to show your team that you care and for others to follow suit by cleaning up messes right away, being more careful, and simply a nicer, more welcoming manufacturing plant than before.


Lower Liability

With proper care and maintenance you will never have to worry about your floors losing their grip, getting cracked, or causing injuries. And if you work with us R&R Chicago provides $2 Million in General liability coverage (or more if needed), $500,000 in Worker’s Compensation, Commercial Auto insurance, umbrella coverage, and more for our employees and your business.

Logistical Planning

We know that you’ve had a long autumn getting ready for the holiday season. With the popularity of Amazon, EBay and other online E-Commerce platforms it’s a surprise how everyone is still standing! Luckily for you, when you work with R&R we plan everything out for you and do all the leg work. So all you have to do is pass on the message and relax while we get your warehouse back to great shape in no time.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Are there any industrial cleaning services near me?

A: R & R Chicago is based in Chicago and primarily work in the city and suburbs. However specializing in commercial and industrial work, we can extend our service area to all of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan (or more if needed).

Q: How much does commercial cleaning of a warehouse cost per month? 

A: This price varies greatly based on what you need, how large the warehouse is, if you need chemicals, hot water, etc. The best and most accurate way to get a warehouse floor cleaning estimate is by setting up an appointment for a free consultation. And it’s no obligation to buy – win win! Get your estimate here.

Q: How long should concrete cure before sealing?

A: Typically it is best advised to wait between 28-31 days after new concrete has been poured. Concrete must be dry prior to sealing and air temperatures to be above 50 degrees fahrenheit. 

Q: How long after sealing concrete  can you drive on it?

A: Vehicles should remain off freshly sealed concrete surface between 48-72 hours. Employees can begin walking on it after 24 hours but 48 is advised for high traffic floors such as warehouses.

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