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Everyone can agree, when you start driving life gets a lot more exciting. The ability to see new places, meet new people, and a finding new found freedom. But as the years go on, that awe is replaced with frustration, stress, and road rage (for some). While some might call it “lofty” we hope to take a little stress off everyone’s mind. And since we all also agree very little is more infuriating than pulling into a parking spot only to realize the guy next to you has taken up 2 lanes, we wanted to start with that.

Parking lot striping is incredibly beneficial to property managers, condo associations, parking garages, and other businesses or municipalities because it is one of the few simple things you can do to reduce liability on your property. A car pulling out of a tight spot due to misjudgement on the lanes might scratch or damage another, even worse that car might be yours. So stop putting it off, today’s the day. Call now and ask about our free demo!

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Questions & Answers

Q: Are there any industrial cleaning services near me?

A: R & R Chicago is based in Chicago and primarily work in the city and suburbs. However specializing in commercial and industrial work, we can extend our service area to all of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan (or more if needed).

Q: How much does commercial cleaning of a warehouse cost per month? 

A: This price varies greatly based on what you need, how large the warehouse is, if you need chemicals, hot water, etc. The best and most accurate way to get a warehouse floor cleaning estimate is by setting up an appointment for a free consultation. And it’s no obligation to buy – win win! Get your estimate here.

Q: How long should concrete cure before sealing?

A: Typically it is best advised to wait between 28-31 days after new concrete has been poured. Concrete must be dry prior to sealing and air temperatures to be above 50 degrees fahrenheit. 

Q: How long after sealing concrete  can you drive on it?

A: Vehicles should remain off freshly sealed concrete surface between 48-72 hours. Employees can begin walking on it after 24 hours but 48 is advised for high traffic floors such as warehouses.

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