Building Maintenance Services

Janitorial, maintenance & repairs, lawn care, snow removal, junk removal and peace of mind.

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As a new investor in multi-family homes, you’re probably very excited to get started. Heck, you’re already eyeing your next purchase. But before you get too excited, there’s one little thing you need to remember: maintenance. Keeping your landscaping in order, snow cleared, broken tvs and dirty mattresses out of the gangways, and seemingly fixing something new every week. What seemed like a great investment to help you achieve financial independence is now becoming a second full time job. But there is a solution.

With R&R Chicago, we not only can keep your building in the best shape, we can assist with turnover, and help with major projects and renovations too! As a full service property solutions provider we want to think about nothing besides growing your business. All of our building maintenance services come with a free customizable app to receive requests from tenants, discounted rates on all services, and priority status during busy snow seasons. Call 708-789-9693 today to set up a free consultation.

Building Maintenance Services


Hallways, common areas, and grounds 


Lawn care

Removing weeds, keeping grass at a certain level, trimming hedges, and more

Maintenance & Repair

Manage and complete tenants work orders

Snow removal

Snow shoveling, Snow Blowing, and Snow Plowing – all done before you grab your morning coffee.

Junk Removal

Get rid of unsightly oversized garbage before the City of Chicago slaps you with a fine.

work order management

Simplify your tenants requests with our free custom made app.

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Building Maintenance Benefits


Retain tenants

With a clean and well maintained building, tenants will find little reason to move somewhere new when their lease ends. Saving you money on relisting fees, turnover costs, and more.


Lower Liability

With proper care and maintenance you will never have to wake up to a lawsuit because the loose faucet finally flew off the hinge into poor Ms. Gardner’s head. Proactive landlords save money and liability in the long run.

Logistical Planning

Whether it’s turnover or large scale projects, R&R Chicago can manage everything for you. 

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