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Whether you call it a handyman, repair guy, or fix-it people it doesn’t matter. When you need something installed, built, or just a fixer in Chicago, call R&R Chicago.

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Our handyman services cover your business or rental income property from the roof to the basement. We can help you with anything from new door installation, flooring, kitchens and Bathrooms, cabinet repair, minor plumbing and repair. Our team of Handyman Technicians will make sure to not only find the source of the problem and fix it but also leave you with instructions on how to prevent this from happening in the future. We take our work very seriously and have pride in our craftsmanship. Whether it’s a small home repair or big remodel job, our consultations are always free. By scheduling a consultation work with us, you are instantly connected with a personal project manager to get an understanding of your expectations, what you need done, and what to look for when we send our technician out. Our project managers are highly knowledgeable skilled trades professionals. Our high-quality service standards ensure that our project managers go through all the details of your project to ensure no miscommunication. That way when our technician comes out, they can quote you on the spot, and start work right away instead of wasting valuable time. We will never send technicians that aren’t licensed for the work they are scheduled to perform and all of our services are insured up to $2 million on each job, and all of our technicians carry an additional $1 million dollars of liability insurance. Our work is 100% labor guaranteed for one year.

R&R Chicago provides on-demand & handyman maintenance services for single and multi-site commercial and industrial clients such as:

  • Corporate campuses
  • Strip malls
  • Restaurants
  • Office complexes
  • Banks
  • Retail stores
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Retirement facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Warehouse and distribution centers
  • Multi-Unit residential housing

Chicago Handyman Services

Furniture Delivery / Assembly


Drywall installation/repair

Light fixture installation / repair

Minor Plumbing Repair


Exterior Repair

Fence installation & repair, gutter installation & repair, stucco repair, concrete repair, and more


Smart home installation

Other Repairs

Satisfied Customers Think...

I recommend R & R. I contacted them to obtain information and a quote for a high ceiling cleaning project for Fabiana’s Bakery and they prompt(ly) responded. Very professional ownership.
-Karen D in Yelp Reviews

Handyman Services Benefits


Fully Customizable

When you work with large companies they often have “policies” in place that basically tell you that you’re SOL. With R&R Chicago, while we do only work with other businesses, we’re a small business too. Anything you need is custom from the type of chemical we use to the price to how we do the job. 


Satisfaction Guarantee

R&R Chicago provides $2 Million in General liability coverage (or more if needed), $500,000 in Worker’s Compensation, Commercial Auto insurance, umbrella coverage, and more if needed. Not only that but we also provide a One Year Guarantee on labor for all of our services. Try us out today Risk Free!


At R&R Chicago, we believe in doing more for your business. We are driven by a backbone of technology from creating our own in house apps to finding new ways to save money – and pass that on to you.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Does a handyman need a license?

A: In the state of Illinois it is not required for a handyman or general contractor to carry a license. However there are some trades and local municipalities that have their own regulations such as pulling permits, etc.

Q: What is a handyman? 

A: A handyman, also known as a fixer, fix it guy/girl, or Jack of All Trades, is a person who is skilled in a wide variety of trades, that typically revolve around the home. These tasks usually include trade skills, repair & maintenance work; may be either interior, exterior, or both; and are sometimes described as “odd jobs” or “fix-up tasks”.

Q: How much does a handyman cost per hour?

A: Typically anywhere from $40-150/hr depending on the type of work, conditions, has preparation been completed, etc. The most accurate method to finding out an exact estimate is simply by calling and scheduling a free consultation at 708-789-9693 or clicking here.

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