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For REO officers, financial instituitions, and other real estate asset management firms seeking a professional field services provider. 

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Overwhelmed trying to manage your vacant, defaulted, or foreclosed properties? We’re here to help.


The outside of your property is the first view that prospective buyers see and creates that all-important first impression. While most people go into a showing for a real estate owned home expecting some repair costs, they can be easily scared off by the sheer magnitude of just removing junk and debris. A property that isn’t being maintained while it is in the hands of a mortgage lender or bank might end up costing much more when you added up marketing costs, reducing the price for a quicker sale, or leaving it on the market too long. 

But with a property preservation specialist like R&R Chicago, you’ll be able to see the benefits of contracting out the maintenance of your properties almost immediately. Simply having us remove the debris, nails, boards, and whatever else the last tenant left behind can increase the value of the home overnight. And consistency can only make that number rise. Our technicians are instructed to use either our in house app that we built or whichever documentation software you require to ensure you receive before and after pictures for every job. Our contractors can handle anything from winterizing your property, to lawn care, to repairs, and even remodeling. So if you’re seeking a reliable, professional, and punctual property preservation contractor in Chicago – R&R is the team for you. For some examples of our work check out our Google Business Page.

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  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Financial Institutions
  • REO Asset Management
  • Real Estate agents
  • and More!

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-I own a few auto detailing centers and trucking depots around illinois, indiana, and florida and needed a power washing company to service our properties. They cleaned the oil stains, did a fleet wash for our trucks and buses, and cleaned all the sidewalks in less than a day. Very reasonable on price and easy process. Impressed.

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Property Preservation Benefits

Higher Returns

With a properly preserved home, you might be able to recoup nearly all of your investment

Cut expenses

Leaving problems until a later date only prolongs the inevitable, get it done sooner and save

Avoid fines

In Chicago, keeping your sidewalks clean from snow is mandated by a city ordinance. Each infraction can cost you up to $500 and that adds up quick.

Remove liability

If someone slips on the sidewalk in front of your property you better believe a lawsuit is coming. You have enough to deal with.

Strengthen Branding

Generally people are distrustful of financial institutions, having quality homes on the market that provide good returns for buyers is a great way to strengthen your brand image.

Sell faster

Homes that are left on the market for too long will scare away prospective home buyers. They will think that something is wrong and opt for a safer option. Keep inventory low and sales high with clean and maintained homes.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What is property preservation?

A: Property preservation is the asset management and maintenance of foreclosed, vacant, abandoned, or otherwise uninhabitable properties owned by banks, realtors, mortgage lenders, and other professional institutions. 

Q: What does a property preservation contractor do?

 A: Our scope varies based on our clients. Some things we’ve been contracted to do include: junk and debris removal, lawn maintenance, tree cutting, landscaping, painting, drywall repair, snow and ice removal, and other maintenance and repair work.

Q: Do you provide any guarantees?

A: You bet. For all snow and ice management we guarantee that your property will be taken care of and will not receive any fines. If you do receive any fines we will assume responsibility and either fight it or pay on your behalf. We provide before and after pictures for every job and allow clients 48 hours to inspect the property and alert us if something is not to their standard. No questions asked, we guarantee that we will come back and fix whatever the issue is provided it was something that we did – don’t try to pull a fast one! Not only that but we are also insured up to $2 million in general liability coverage, carry workers compensation, commercial auto insurance, and more.

Q: Do you do free estimates?

A: Absolutely each client receives an individual consultation to understand what your needs are. While some might require more contracting work, others just need a quick clean out. Either way we’re happy to work with you to achieve this together. If you’re interested call now at 708-789-9693

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