Concrete Sealing In Chicago – 6 Reasons Why

June 13, 2019

Almost every concrete contractor tells you to get your newly installed concrete sealed.  For individul homeowners, especially those on a tight budger, it is sometimes difficult to justify a need for concrete sealing. Sure it extends the life of the concrete but it also adds to the total costs. So most think why bother, right? Not quite. A coating or two of concrete sealer is important for many reasons. Here’s just a fe.

Sealed Concrete is Protected Concrete

Oil and grease are just a few of the most damaging spills that could ruin a concrete floor. You need to remember, concrete is a very porous building supply. This is the reason why grime and spills penetrate the surface, causing unpleasant damage like ugly stains and horrible discoloration. It seems right in, right away A good sealer will help cover up the microscope, pores of a concrete slab, preventing anything at all from getting in. It also pushes everything out as it’s taking effect, this does not apply for the store name brands. This means spills and dirt stay on the surface, ready to be wiped or swept off.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Because grime and spills stay on the surface, a sealed concrete floor becomes easier to clean and maintain. Occasional sweeping and mopping keep it in good shape. No more scrubbing, brushing, and what not. No more scraping or stressing (just the occaisional power washing). With sealed concrete floors, you’ll have more time to enjoy them than to hate them.

Protect Against Sun, Snow, & Rain

Outdoor concrete floors could benefit tremendously from concrete sealers. It helps protect a driveway from damage caused by UV rays, freeze-thaw cycles, and rainfall. Especially in the Chicago area, as evidenced last winter, freeze-thaw damage causes hundreds of thousands to millions in repair costs each year. A simple concrete sealing job can save you the money you’re most likely going to have to spend anyway. This way, the need for a concrete driveway’s repair is minimized, if not eliminated avoided altogether.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Concrete sealers in Chicago come in all different kinds, sizes, colors, etc. These options give you plenty to work with but we always prefer using a trusted name brand: CDP Sealer. And when you use a trusted name, not the Home Depot brand, sealing your concrete floors results in a polished look, with just the right amount of shine. For stained floors, good quality sealers have the capability to make colors pop out and more vibrant.

Extend The Life of Your Concrete Floors

Sealing concrete creates an extra layer of defense against even the most damaging of elements. So that concrete slab underneath the sealer lies there unharmed. And when concrete is protected, its chances of needing repairs begin to shrink. However, it is important to note that sealers DO fade, depending on how often the floor is used. Most concrete sealers require a reapplication after a couple of years. There are also other sealer types that last longer but cost more, too. No matter what type of sealer you use on your concrete floor, it will always be worth the investment. Our sealers have been hand chosen and come with a 20 year guarantee… you can’t beat that!

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