Design-Build Process

We’ve created a simple, transparent, and informative process for home and business owners looking to bring their dream remodel to life.

Architects, designers, and construction managers work with you in planning, designing, and pricing your project in real time. With all parties in the same room communication is easier and time is spent more efficiently. We explore all factors that could contribute to cost increases & provide guidance on what options you have available.

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Initial Consultation

We will review your project scope, timeline and all considerations and offer a clear, simple road map to success.


Pre-Estimate & Design Contract

After our intial consultation, if we feel your project is a good fit, we compile a ballpark cost estimate of your project with alternative options within your budget. We also send over an information packet and design contract to start the next step in the process. Once the contract is signed, we begin the:

Design & Pricing Phase



At this point your project might look something like this. Our Design & Pricing phase begins with an in-person discovery with our General Contractor, Interior Designer, and Architect (if necessary). We thoroughly investigate your home or business, take all necessary measurements, dive into the details of your scope of work, explore all alternatives, and conclude with a few worksheets to help us finalize major decisions before the next meeting.


Space Planning

At this point your project might look something like this. The next meeting covers final decisions regarding the proposed new floor plan including but not limited to finalizing major structural or mechanical decisions (adding walk-in showers or tubs, building a new island or upgrading cabinets, etc.), choosing room layouts, etc. If your project requires an architect we will be working with them to ensure any decisions made remain within budget and scope. Budgets can and will change in this phase based on the decisions you make.


Material Selection

This is your project at the halfway point. The 3rd step is for selections of finish material. At this stage, we have a floor plan you’ve decided on and major decisions out of the way will use this time to choose all the material going into your project. Materials to be selected might include: cabinets, vanities, sinks, countertops, tiles, flooring, etc.

Our team provides you with a shopping allowance and will schedule a meeting with our main supplier at ProSource or any supplier of your choice. We provide them with your preferences, floor plan, allowances and notes of the project. They will help you choose tile, flooring, cabinetry, as well as some fixtures and tubs.  You do not have to choose any of their products, however you would be responsible for informing us of what material you’ve chosen instead. For material not available at prosource our team will coordinate with other suppliers times and days for you to go in person and see their availability.

We find that some clients know exactly where to find materials they like within their allowances while others might not have the time or desire to invest in doing the work. For clients who are interested in delegating this work to our designers we offer 2 package “add-ons”

In-Home – We will provide 8 hours of:

  • 4 hours of material research delivered as a list of 3-5 recommendations for each finish item.2 hours of in-person and virtual consultations (usually split into two 1 hour sessions)
  • 2 hours for sourcing, pick up, processing, and delivery of samples to your home (cost of samples are not included in price).
  • Price for this add-on varies by project, please see your estimate for exact pricing.

Showroom– We will provide up to 12 hours of:

  • 4 hours of material research delivered as a list of 3 recommendations for each finish item (or one per local supplier), planning, scheduling, and communication on preferences.
      • We will provide 1 material revision if you are not satisfied with the selections. You will need to provide us with information regarding why you are not satisfied and what you’re specifically looking for.
  • Your choice of:
      • 4 hours of in-person showroom touring and consultation with our interior designer and general contractor
      • 8 hours of in-person showroom touring and consultation with our interior designer and general contractor

Price for this add-on varies by project, see your estimate for exact pricing.


Site Visit

Once architectural plans (if required) are completed, we schedule site walkthroughs. We take all the information we’ve collected and hand select pre-qualified teams of contractors, up to 2-3 per trade, to bid on the project. We have numerous crews that we work with but not all might be a good fit for you. We ensure that all crews will be bidding on the exact same scope so we can easily compare estimates and eliminate issues from arising once the project begins. 


Fixed Cost Proposal

After receiving exact bids from our contractors, we finalize any architectural plans, and any new details that may have been added to the scope. Our team then creates a fixed cost proposal – which is an exact price for construction of the aforementioned scope of work and materials that you’ve selected for your project.

We set up a final meeting to review and confirm the scope, material, contract terms, and price. The price will not come as a surprise as we’ve been in constant communication about it throughout the project. We also show you the 3D renders we’ve created (they might look something like this or this or this).

You do not have to use our firm for the construction. If you choose to go another direction, we give you the floor/architectural plans, scope of work, material selections, and 3D renders to hire anyone you’d like to complete the project. The design & pricing package we give you will ensure you get accurate estimates from everyone. If you’re happy with our work and price, you can sign the proposal after 3 days.

Which then takes us to:

Build Phase

After signing the Build Contract, we use the next couple of weeks to get the project underway. We break down the scope of work with our selected team, finalize architectural plans and pull permits (if applicable), assign schedules to internal team and contractors, order material, and set up our final walkthrough before construction starts.

You can finally sit back and relax. Construction can last anywhere from 4-24 weeks, with an average of 4-12 weeks, depending on the type of project (longer for new construction). Please refer to your contract to see your projected timeline. You can easily follow project updates through your owners portal which gives you access to photos, reports, change orders, and team communications.


We look forward to working with you!


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I hired Mo’s team to renovate a bathroom earlier this year. They were knowledgeable, punctual, reliable, and fun to work with. They provide tons of creative input, helped me with architecture and design, and delivered a beautiful new bathroom 3 days sooner than expected. I am very happy with the experience and have recommended them to many of my friends


Great people to work with.They provide an amazing service at an affordable cost.It was great working with them.


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