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Condominium Remodeling

Our condo remodeling process explained in 3 easy steps.

design your condo remodel

Design your new condo with our design team. Watch your project come to life in 3D as you plan out the space, pick colors, flooring, cabinets, fixtures, and more.

How much does it cost?

While we design your condo, our construction team is carefully pricing your project out and offering alternative suggestions in case you go over your projected budget.

Construction of your Condo Remodel

Once the construction proposal is signed, your remodel begins. Our team is hard at work for  the next few weeks but you can follow along on your personalized customer portal!

Condo Renovation Services

These are the services we can do for you and your condo.

Interior Design

Our Design team will work with you to create your Condo remodel from concept to completion with floor plans and a 3D photorealistic walkthrough.


The first step in the condo remodeling process – all existing material to be removed from the unit and off the premises. Our pre-construction management team works with your condo association to plan logistics. Our site manager documents existing condition of the building and unit to protect you from unnecessary fines.

Rough Electrical

Rough electrical is all the electrical work that goes unseen. Upgrading control panels, adding new wiring for light fixtures, or updating your unit to comply with building code. 

Rough Plumbing

Rough plumbing is all the plumbing done that you don’t see. Includes switching an existing jacuzzi tub or tub shower combo for a freestanding tub or shower. Could also include installing a new bathtub in a space that did not have existing plumbing.

Rough Carpentry

Rough Carpenty can include anything from building platforms, hanging doors, windows, building closets, and changing the structure of the condo.

Drywall Installation

Including insulation and caulking, hanging drywall, mudding, taping, sanding, and finishing of drywall.

Flooring Installation

Installation of tile, LVT, laminate flooring, carpet, and hardwood floors. 

Interior Painting

Interior painting of all walls, doors, baseboards, quarter round, door frames, and ceilings.

Lighting Installation & Finish Electrical

Includes installation of recessed lights, chandeliers, and other types of light fixtures. Also includes the installation of dimmers, speakers, cable, etc.

Finish Carpentry

Installation of cabinets, countertops, vanities, door frames, crown moulding, stairs and railings, etc.

Finish Plumbing & Fixture Installation

Installation of bath and shower fixtures, sinks, dishwashers, washers, drywers, etc.

Combining Two Condos

Structural work necessary to combine two condos including adding doors, hallways, and new framing.

Shower Installation

For installing a new shower over an existing drain or building a new shower entirely.

Bathtub Installation

Installing a freestanding tub in place of an existing jacuzzi tub or tub shower combo. Could also include installing a new bathtub in a space that did not have existing plumbing.

Custom Remodels

For clients seeking non-standard material or work orders our construction team can help you identify what you need, show you designs of what it would look like, source it, find specialized contractors and install.

I had never heard of design build prior to meeting Moe & the R&R Chicago team. They were very informative, helpful, and patient as they explained the process and it’s numerous benefits. After comparing a few estimates I decided to use them for my home renovation project because I felt they would provide the best return on my investment.

The entire experience was refreshing from beginning to end, they took time to understand my needs and goals, provided cost saving suggestions which I used to upgrade other areas of the home, and provided a very thorough construction proposal which I accepted. The construction process went very smoothly and we finished 8 days earlier than scheduled. I have since used them for 2 other projects and will continue to. I’m very happy with the experience overall


Hired them for a multi-family rehab in Hyde Park, they helped with design, permits, architecture, delivered a little early, kept the costs within budget, and even threw in the landscaping for free. Impressive work we will continue to use this firm

-Nick M

The reviews do not lie. Highly professional, punctual, fair prices, and finished ahead of schedule with everything cleaned. Great job guys I’m very happy


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