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Our integrated approach to the pre-construction phase allows us to start a project off with an accurate budget, clearly defined schedule, and a high performing team who delivers on that planning.

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Pre-Construction Contracting You Can Rely On

A vital element for a successful construction project is the selection of a great project team. This may include architects, engineers, interior designers, land developers, general contractors, and sub contractors. By opting for a construction partner this allows you, the owner, to be involved right from the beginning and analyze the scope, budget, feasibility, construction methods and materials, subcontractor input, and construction experience of the contractor.

Just like a building’s physical foundation, the pre-construction process lays the foundation for the construction project’s success. During the pre-construction phase, important decisions are made and success measurements established to maximize efficiency, mitigate risk and eliminate potential obstacles during the project before you start. The best construction company is the one that can offer the most value to your project during the pre-construction phase, providing guidance on the design, budget, and schedule, before anyone shows up at the jobsite.



In the initial planning stages of a project, the client works closely with its design team and construction partner (general contractor, construction manager, or design-build contractor) to develop detailed drawings, schedules, budgets and manpower projections before construction starts. This phase requires frequent communication between the core team and any additional project consultants.

The team works to outline the project, prepare estimates to meet or set the budget, identify  construction issues and possible solutions, and ultimately determine the most efficient use of money and resources. A thorough, deliberate pre-construction process is crucial to ensure the project goes according to plan and all potential needs are identified and addressed before funds begin to get dispersed.



During the pre-construction phase, the client, design, architectural, engineering and construction team will plan out the essential components of the project.



The first step in pre-construction is to define the scope of the project. What is it that you are trying to accomplish and what are the requirements ( space, schedule, grade of finishes, etc.) needed to meet your objectives for a successful project?



Once you have established the scope, goals and objectives, the team begins to put the project budget together. The design team and construction team work together to provide you with design and cost information, including alternative solutions and costs by value engineering, to solidify your budget.



With a clear project scope and budget, the team can proceed with design plans for the size, layout, style, building materials and systems, and other essential project information. Once design is approved, the permitting process begins and a plan can be created for delivering each phase of construction. We begin to schedule out a timeline for the overall project.



To properly prepare bid packages for the various aspects of the project, your construction partner will identify potential subcontractors who have the capabilities and capacity needed to complete work on the project, check their availability and/or level of interest, and add them to a pool of subcontractors best suited for this work. At R&R Chicago we also have the capacity to self perform all aspects with the exception of MEP systems.

When it comes time to bid out the work, our pool of subcontractors already understand the project, know what to expect from the general contractor, construction manager, or design-build contractor, and have set aside time in their schedule to properly bid the project.



Properly planning for long lead-time materials such as doors, windows, and lumber (as of December 2020), can make or break a project timeline. Furthermore, some material that may be delivered quickly, might need to be delivered right as the corresponding phase is beginning. Any sooner materials, like lumber could be warped by moisture in the air. Other materials such as copper piping for projects in distressed neighborhoods could be stolen if the building isn’t secured. During pre-construction, the construction team identifies all the necessary materials and equipment for the job, with special attention to items requiring early ordering, and how they will be obtained. The procurement schedule will be worked into the overall construction schedule to maximize efficiency and ensure proper delivery, phasing and staging of all materials.



Pre-construction is the time to thoroughly assess and plan to navigate around potential risks associated with constructing the project. This includes evaluation of the construction site, permit and inspection requirements, and any other special situations that need to be resolved before or during construction. Your construction partner should have a detailed checklist for the pre-construction phase; it is essential to make sure all the boxes are checked before the project breaks ground.



The pre-construction phase lays the foundation for a successful construction project however overall success relies heavily on effective communication. Take time to prepare a communication plan that works for everyone, allowing everyone to interact in a way that meets their needs for the project. A construction team that communicates well can help ensure that when obstacles arise, they can be overcome effectively and efficiently. Our team at R&R Chicago has a wide variety of communication tools such as messaging platforms like Slack and telegram, push-to-talk software like Voxer, and more to accommodate all parties regardless of technological skillset.

Thorough, effective planning during the pre-construction process is essential for your project to progress smoothly. R&R Chicago Property Services can help get your project off to a great start and keep it moving in the right direction. Contact us to learn more about our construction process and how we can help you with a successful project.

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