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R & R Chicago Property Services & Maintenance

Do You Need Recurring Service?

Most of our clients opt for daily or weekly maintenance schedules. Our system is unique in that we are very flexible with how we can help. So if one day you need awnings cleaned and another you’d like your fryers spruced up, it’s no problem!


Project-Based Service?

Other Clients opt for a project or contract basis. We agree on deliverables, say all the properties need to be completed within 3 weeks, and get the work done within the time frame.


Or a Simple One Time Cleaning?

Lastly, this option works best for post-event clean up, health inspection preparation, or things have gotten out of control and you don’t want to do it. Please note however for one time cleanings we charge a minimum of $300 for a visit, so we ask that you package needs up so you don’t pay us $300 for a 10 minute job…unless you want to.


Are We a Good Fit?

It’s not you, it’s us. There are some services, such as roof pressure washing, that we choose not to do to better manage risk. There are also some industries we do not work with. Check our FAQ page to avoid wasting your time.


How Can We Help?

We’re a good fit? Great! Here’s what’s next:
1. Do you need something in a hurry? Just call us at (708)789-9693

2. Shopping for quotes? Click “Request Quote”

3. Large project? Click Request Proposal.



What's Next?

Fill out the form and choose a time for our specialists to come out. For all proposals, we do request to be on site to submit an accurate proposal.

For a one time cleaning, we can give you a rough estimate without seeing the venue however a service agreement will have to be signed before we can start.

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