How to use a paint roller

March 19, 2020

I always say that painting is the easiest, fastest and economical way to change the look of a room. However, when hours have gone by and we’re still staring at the same ugly wall and paint all over the floor you forgot to cover up, frustration kicks into overdrive. See painting seems so easy but the first time you use a roller you realize that it is not so simple. You begin to notice the paint is not lining up, some areas are textured and others are not, and some areas are lighter than others.


But do not give up! You just need a little practice and maybe some helpful hints to paint with a roller like a pro. Lucky for you we are here to help.


Types of paint rollers

All the technique in the world is useless if the roller is of poor quality. Usually, an economic roller does not load the paint well it requires a longer painting time and it becomes more obvious in the end when the final product isn’t so final. There are wool and polyester mix rollers that usually give good effects but lambskin rollers are the best way to go. If they are cleaned well after every job they can stay in perfect conditions for a long time, so the investment is worth it. However, wool rollers have the problem that they lose hair when they are first used. So to prevent this from happening wrap a lint roller or masking time several times around the roller until it stops shedding the hair. An alternative option is to use a Teflon coated roller. This type of coating prevents fiber threads from caking and also improves the load of the roller, reducing the painting time.


Loading your paint roller

To use the paint roller you might think “submerge it completely inside the bucket, that will do the trick”. But no, it won’t. To properly set up your roller and save time, we must follow the following steps:


  1. Insert the roller into the paint but only halfway.
  2. Then rotate it on the rack of the bucket and insert the other half.
  3. Remove excess paint by gently rolling it against the rack.


How to Paint your walls

There are different ways to paint a wall with a roller, although the “W” technique usually guarantees an optimal finish and in the shortest amount of time:


First, pass a brush into the areas near the ceiling, baseboard, on doors and windows as well as in the corners known as cutting lines.


After loading the roller, place it on the lowest corner of the wall a few inches from the base, and using a little pressure make your way towards the ceiling following a slight inclination – NOT in a direct line.


Bring the roller back to the ground, but this time in a straight line. Follow this pattern from the bottom up as long as you have enough paint on the roller, only dipping back into your paint tray when absolutely necessary.  Some marks may be noticed but do not worry because they are resolved in the next step.


Once the wall is painted and the paint is still fresh, you will have to roll the roller again following the same guide but this time without paint. Remember to press lightly on the wall, otherwise, you will only drag the paint creating uneven textures and discoloration.


Finally, smooth the paint in the area near the ceiling, above doors and windows, with the roller unloaded and following along horizontal stroke under the lines you cut.


Painting doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes patience and practice and next thing you know you’ll be a pro. It does take time however and for those of you short on time, it’s best to call a contractor who is experienced and able to handle any painting demands. R&R Chicago Property Services can help you – give us a call today 708-789-9693!

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