Power Washing Companies

June 2, 2019

Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Chicago

Here’s a handy guide to choosing the best Chicago Power Washing Company for you.

Soft Washing Companies in Chicago

Chicagoland Soft Wash 

While we are not all too familiar with this company, by the looks of their website, photos, and placement on Google, they seem to be one of the more well known soft washing companies in the area. Soft washing is the process of applying less pressure in exchange for more chemicals. We weren’t able to find any reviews but will update when we do. 

Super Soaked Pro Chicago 

With a 5 star review on Google, these guys have established a bit of an online presence.  They seem to have been around for a few years and specialize in residential work although according to their website they do offer commercial pressure washing as well. Have you used them before? Let us know what you think!

National Soft Wash

Based out of the far southwest suburbs, National Soft Wash specializes in soft washing to improve curb appeal without the use of harsh chemicals. Soft washing is definitely a good option if you’re going to be cleaning your roof or siding, but if you’re looking for gum removal or other hardened substances, pressure washing is the way to go.

R & R Chicago | Pressure Washing, Parking Lot Striping and Concrete Sealing

From office buildings to warehouse siding, you need a professional pressure washing company that will consult you on the right method, equipment, and chemicals for your specific soft washing needs. From start to finish their project managers work with you to coordinate logistics, minimize disruption of your services and revenue, and create a full scope to get approved prior to starting work.

Commercial Pressure Washing Companies in Chicago


Ace of Spray – Chicago, IL

One of the most well known property service brands in the Chicagoland area, Ace of Spray has been around for nearly 20 years. From major festivals to other locations, they are a very large company. You can’t go wrong with them.

Quality Pressure Washing – Bridgeview, IL

Right up the street from our first service location in Palos Hills, Quality Pressure washing has also been around the block a few times. Well known for their fleet washing, Quality Pressure Washing has been a leading service provider in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

Pressure Washing Unlimited – Chicago

A Female-owned Business Enterprise, Pressure Washing Unlimited is the one of the oldest pressure washing companies in the Chicago market. With hundreds of projects under their belt, they have consistently proven to be an industry leader.

R & R Chicago – Property Services & Improvements

While R & R might not be as tenured as the others on this list, don’t be fooled into brushing them off. With years of experience in property and hospitality management, the partners of the firm focus on providing top notch services for other businesses in the Chicagoland area. By specializing in business to business work, they have begun to carve a niche as the only B2B facility services company in the area.

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