Pressure Washer Safety Tips in 2021

January 1, 2019

Safety is the first and most important thing when it comes to pressure washing.

As fun as they might look, pressure washers are not toys. While often overlooked, pressure washing safety is the most important lesson to learn prior to making a purchase. At short proximity, they can expel paint from houses or separate bits of black-top landing area. They’re a fantastic decision to clean house siding, treated wooden decks, or vehicles but only when used with caution. Pressure washing a carport floor is a compelling method to expel oil stains – frequently, this is best practiced by narrowing the water stream and peeling off the top layer of cement on the floor. Never point a pressure washer at individuals or pets, and dependably ensure both water and electrical associations are secure before beginning any task.

Power Washing Safety

Power Washing Safety

Pressure Washer Maintenance 


Keeping your washer fit as a fiddle is one of the first steps of pressure washing safety. This implies regularly assessing it for any indications of harm including split hoses, broken seals or rust on the spout head. This is even more important based on the off chance that you have a model which can infuse soap or other cleansers into the water stream. High-pressure downstream injectors, for instance, include synthetic substances after water leaves the siphon, while upstream injectors do as such at lower pressures before water is siphoned through. Utilizing the wrong sort of mixture in an upstream injector can genuinely harm the unit; make sure you read the guidelines and clean the entire washer after each utilization.



Safety Tips When Pressure Washing Your Home 


Step 1. Pressure Washing Gear

Begin with the proper gear including long sleeves and gloves if using harsh chemicals, goggles, and thick boots to avoid any unintended limb lossage.

Step 2. Pressure Washer Chemicals

Next, ensure you have the right chemicals for the job. For example, when pressure washing your home, you might need an acid brightener for bricks, mold/mildew removal for any algae, and normal dish soap added to any mix.

Step 3. Applying the Solution

Begin at the top – as high as you can reach  – and work your way down with a chemical sprayer. Use a long brush to rub in the chemicals. Let the solution sit for a few minutes then begin pressure washing.

Step 4. Pressure Wash Your House

Begin at the top again, and work your way down, at the right angle and distance to ensure only the solution and grime is removed not your paint. Try not to spray at outdoor electrical outlets, and when you clean windows utilize a lower pressure to avoid damaging windows. Be patient and work side to side.


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