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For Property Managers, Business Owners, and Maintenance Supervisors in Chicago seeking cleaning services: you found the perfect local pressure washing company.

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Chicago Pressure Washing Services

 It’s 6 PM, you have a big day tomorrow to show your apartment units to new prospective tenants or maybe you have a huge event planned at your restaurant. You look up and notice your storefront is covered in mildew, dirt, algae, and who knows what else? Your first thought might be to send an employee out to Home Depot to buy a cheap pressure washer. His first thought is “Man, I thought I was about to get cut”. This is also the same guy who in 2 hours puts a hole in your front window because he didn’t know how to use the equipment. Luckily, this is just a hypothetical situation. But in moments like these you need a commercial pressure washer you can count on.


At R&R pressure washing is our bread and butter. Before we grew and added more services our clients had requested, this is how we first started as a company. While we can’t say we’re the best pressure washing company in Chicago (yet), we hope to be able to someday by continuing to provide a higher standard of service, pressure washer specialists you can trust, utilizing technology to deliver faster and more accurate results, and of course using the best commercial pressure washing equipment such as MiTM, Aladdin, Hotsy, Pressure Pro, and other top rated pressure washers (not named Northstar) stocked with reliable Honda engines and the best cleaning accessories.


Who We Work With

  • Property Management Companies
  • Restaurants & Hospitality Groups
  • REO Asset Management
  • Parking Garage Management
  • Warehouses
  • Individual business owners, real estate investors, and industrial properties in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.


Areas that can be Pressure Washed

  • Gutters
  • Roofs
  • Decks
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Flat Concrete
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Brick 
  • Concrete
  • Parking lot
  • A lot, lot more


So if your storefront, multi-unit property, gas station, or whatever else needs to be cleaned and you need someone who will be there on time, act professionally, and give you the highest quality of service you are expecting- go with the commercial pressure washing experts, go with R & R Chicago. Choose a service below to get started!


Exterior Building Cleaning




Gas Station Cleaning





Parking Garage Cleaning





(Rust Removal, Oil Stains, etc.)


Warehouse Cleaning & Sealing




Restaurant Cleaning Services




Pressure Washing Reviews

As a contractor it is refreshing to see someone still holds there word. Done several jobs with R & R and always a pleasure.

-Manuel S

Your Benefits With R&R


Commercial Pressure Washing Specialists

While other local pressure cleaning companies in the Chicago / Northern Illinois area are busy trying to juggle power washing houses and driveways, we only focus on businesses. This gives us more time to plan for big jobs like parking garages and pay attention to details of small jobs like sidewalk cleaning.


Avoid Workplace Injuries

Saving a few hundred dollars by having an employee do the pressure washing sounds like a great idea…until they spray a hole in their shoe. Now you’re spending this nice sunny afternoon in a courtroom fighting a lawsuit. With R&R Chicago provides $2 Million in General liability coverage (or more if needed), $500,000 in Worker’s Compensation, Commercial Auto insurance, umbrella coverage, and more if needed. 

Higher Quality Service

In the contracting world, you need to call the same business 10 times before they get you an estimate, and 20 times to send it to you. That’s before you even book the job. But with R&R Chicago we only work with businesses and reputation is everything. You can’t claim you’re the best pressure washing company in Chicago if you can’t even show up to a job on time. Avoid the headache give us a call. 

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Questions & Answers

Q: What is your service area?

A: We are based in Chicago and primarily work in the city and suburbs. However specializing in property services and facility management for businesses, we can extend our service area to all of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan (or more if needed).

Q: How do you winterize a pressure washer?

A: With a short (4ft) garden hose attached at one end to the inlet of the pressure washing machine, place the other end inside of a container of antifreeze. Make sure the outlet hose is connected to the machine and the other end to an empty 5 gallon bucket. Start the machine, and wait until the antifreeze is gone and no water is coming out of the pressure washer hose.

Q: What is a good psi for a pressure washer?

A: While it depends on what you’re trying to clean for most houses, roofs, sidewalks, or other residential pressure washing 3-4000 psi should be enough. However it is not recommended to attempt this on your own as it is very easy to cause injury to yourself or others. Go with a professional and save a trip to the ER.

Q: How to use a pressure washer?

A: Well that’s not a question but it’s okay we’ve already answered this here in our blog. Check it out!

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