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Save money this summer with R&R Chicago Concrete Repair & Installation services. Don’t let cracks in your concrete leave you with large bills for new construction – repair it today!

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Cracked, damaged concrete can not only be an eyesore but also pose a huge liability risk for your business. Improper maintenance of concrete sidewalks, parking garages, and other structures could lead to deformities, holes, cracks, and other hazards that may cause your customers to trip, fall, and get hurt. Luckily with R&R Chicago we are only one call away. AND we offer a 1 year guarantee on all of our work.

Why Should I Repair My Concrete?

While it might be too late to get your concrete sealed it’s definitely not too late to repair it if it’s cracked or deformed. Our expert technicians can have your new concrete staircase, sidewalk, or patio removed, installed, cured, and sealed in under 72 hours (for most projects).

How Can I Repair My Concrete?

First it’s always recommended to have a professional to do it. With R&R Chicago Property Services we first remove all your old concrete through a carefully controlled demolition. After we haul it away we build the new structure, mix the concrete solution and then carefully pour it in.  After a few days it will be fully dried and we always recommend getting it sealed.

How Can I Maintain My Concrete?

There’s a variety of methods to keep your concrete in the best shape possible. This includes chemical treatment, pressure washing, rust removal, etc.

Our service technicians will make sure that not only is everything installed safely, but also with expectation to last years. If you’d like to learn more here are some helpful links, otherwise if you still have questions you can contact us here.

 Who We Work With:

  • Property management companies
  • Storage facilities
  • Industrial Real Estate
  • Warehouses
  • Gas Stations
  • And More!

What We Can Do

  • Patch Concrete
  • Repair Concrete
  • Install new concrete
  • Demolition of existing concrete
  • Concrete junk hauling & removal

Concrete Repair & Installation Services

Concrete Repair

Repair existing cracks and damage

Concrete Demolition

Remove existing concrete steps, paths, and other structures

Concrete Installation

Install new concrete with safety & precision

Satisfied Customers Think...

Initially took a little longer than I had hoped to get an invoice for remodeling our condo but the wait was worth it in my opinion! They moved very quickly, changing out the flooring, hanging drywall, and renovating our bathrooms. They never made any excuses, finished 3 days ahead of schedule and most of all were incredibly detailed and CLEAN. I cannot stress how shocking that was to my partner and I, we always have to pay a cleaning crew to come in and this was the first time we didn’t. Guys, thank you so much for the care you showed our property and I hope you have an awesome 2020!
-Stella Ryan

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Questions & Answers

Q: Can you damage concrete by power washing?

A: Yes, you absolutely can damage concrete with power washing. Make sure you do not use a high PSI, instead opt for a soft washing method.

Q: How much does concrete installation cost? 

A: This price varies greatly based on what you need, how much concrete you need, any special features such as surface roughness, etc. Prices may range from $750 – $10k+! The best thing to do is have one of our experienced technicians come by and take a look – it’s no obligation to buy so it’s a win win! 

Q: How long should concrete cure before sealing?

A: Typically it is best advised to wait between 28-31 days after new concrete has been poured. Concrete must be dry prior to sealing and air temperatures to be above 50 degrees fahrenheit. 

Q: How long after sealing concrete  can you drive on it?

A: Vehicles should remain off freshly sealed concrete surface between 48-72 hours. Employees can begin walking on it after 24 hours but 48 is advised for high traffic floors such as warehouses.

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