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Looking for CCTV surveillance system installation? Business Security Cameras installed? or something else…

Whether it’s your warehouse, storage center, retail, restaurant, or apartment complex – your business is definitely one place you may want to secure. And if it’s  outdoor, indoor or, low and no light areas; rest assured our services will always be there to meet your needs. Not only do we create the perfect security system customized for your needs, but also provide the necessary support and guidance for a safe and easy installation. We cater to the security requirements of commercial, small enterprises and other industrial clients, specializing in the commercial sector with an easy, streamlined and affordable process to get your business up and running.

Our goal is to provide you with an unbeatable experience to share with your friends and local businesses that R&R Chicago is your one stop shop for security cameras and alarm system installation in Chicago. and the surrounding suburbs. With this in mind, our team of specialists focus on the incorporation of the latest technology, an easy to follow training process, and even easier upgrade to let you enjoy all the benefits of your new CCTV or business security set up. See below for all of our services.

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Customize your system

We’ll discuss your preferences and priorities before your installation. We will combine them with our know how to provide the best set up possible.



We do everything possible we can to make sure our services as affordable as we can. We make sure that our budget flexibility makes a positive difference in the customer’s experience.


We make sure that when we perform a service, people notice. There is no better feeling than getting more than what you paid for.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Can outdoor cameras be used indoors or vice versa?

A: Outdoor cameras can be used indoors but indoor cameras cannot be used outdoors. Dome cameras should not be used outdoors unless protected completely from the elements

Q: Do I need to have power at every single camera?

A: Every security camera must have power but you don’t need to run or have an AC power outlet next to each camera. Our technicians set up your system with all of this in mind – so you don’t have to think about 🙂

Q: Do you offer CCTV or alarm security products?

A: Unfortunately we do not, but our partners have generously given us access to their complete catalogs so we can source any product you desire with your installation.

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