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Chicago, IL

Snow and ice aren’t just a nuisance, they can pose significant dangers for patrons and tenants alike. Having a snow removal company on call can ensure you are protected from liability.

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Blizzards and snowstorms are a reality of living in the Chicago area but you don’t have to be at their mercy. Picture this: a snowstorm hits overnight. You wake up the next morning to 15 missed calls and voicemails saying that 2 employees slipped on ice and went to the emergency room. For any business owner that is the beginning of a very bad nightmare. But with R&R Chicago you won’t ever have to deal with that because we take a very proactive approach to combating snow and ice, with our snow plow truck drivers on standby from November to March and fully equipped to handle anything.

All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring, multiple modes of communication to ensure no disruption in service delivery, 24/7 dispatch center, and skilled technicians for all your snow removal, ice removal, de-icing, and sidewalk shoveling needs. With competitive pricing, technology backed solutions, and heavily insured, you’ll be in good hands with the snow removal team at R&R Chicago.

R&R Chicago is a snow and ice management service specialist for single and multi-site commercial and industrial clients such as:

  • Corporate campuses
  • Strip malls
  • Restaurants
  • Office complexes
  • Banks
  • Retail stores
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Retirement facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Warehouse and distribution centers
  • Multi-Unit residential housing

We provide full service commercial snow and ice control services as well as winter maintenance programs including:

  • Snow plowing
  • Sidewalk shoveling
  • Snow shoveling
  • Snow blowing
  • Ice control
  • Ice removal
  • Snow removal
  • Snow relocation
  • Snow hauling

Snow & Ice Removal Services

snow plowing


De-Icing & Ice control

Sidewalk shoveling

Winter maintenance Program

Automatic emergency 24/7 support – before you even wake up and see the snow

snow hauling

Relocation of snow to an offsite dump spot

24/7 Emergency support

From November 1 – March 1

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Benefits of Snow Removal


No upfront capital

Purchasing a snow plow truck or trucks requires significant upfront capital. Truck, plow, salt spreader, insurance, and workers compensation starts at about $30k per vehicle. That’s also assuming that you are experienced in the trade and know the proper way to set up a truck. Save your money and outsource to a reliable contractor such as R&R Chicago.


Eliminate liability

R&R Chicago provides $2 Million in General liability coverage, Worker’s Compensation, Commercial Auto insurance, umbrella coverage, and more if needed. So in the unlikely event that our technicians failed to service an area and caused someone to get hurt you wouldn’t have to worry about it, that’s on us. And that’s the last thing we want to happen. 

Remove stress

With our winter maintenance program, you can rest easy and watch the snow fall the night of the storm. No need to call companies at 3am who are charging 4x the normal rate or have to go in yourself at 4am to shovel snow in the blistering cold. Sleep in and go to work the next morning to a snow free lot and sidewalk.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What is your snow removal service area?

A: R & R Chicago is based in Chicago and primarily work in the city and suburbs. While we normally extend our service area to all of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan for snow removal we focus strictly on Chicago and suburbs that fall near our routes.

Q: How much does snow removal cost? 

A: This price varies greatly based on what you need, how large the area to be cleaned is, if you need salt, are you on our maintenance program or an emergency call, etc. The best method is by setting up an appointment for a free consultation and our skilled team will help create a customizeable program just for you. To get started go here.

Q: Should you put salt down before it snows?

A: Typically it is advised to prepare for a snow storm by laying commercial grade salt and de-icing pellets on your surfaces. This is to lower the freezing temperature of snow and effectively melting snow as it hits the ground.

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