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Redefining Home Renovations 

 If you knew that getting 3 estimates from contractors would increase your overall cost, take longer longer to finish, and added new gray hairs would you still do it? Of course companies like HomeAdvisor & Yelp will encourage this practice. They’ve commoditized the home improvement industry in the name of profit for shareholders- the more estimates you request the more money they make. But what are you going to do with a stack of educated guesses?

You’re not a commodity – you’re an individual with your own vision, goals, values and challenges. This method, known as design-bid-build, allows contractors to be vague and “bid” a figure you want to hear then increase the price as the project gets underway. It creates a stressful environment and takes all the fun out of remodeling.

R&R Chicago uses Design-Build – a project delivery method that integrates architecture, design, and construction from day 1. This ensures proper planning, open communication, clear pricing, and precise execution which greatly reduces surprises & delays. At R&R Chicago, we’ve even taken that a step further in our mission to provide you with an unmatched experience, see below for some of the great benefits of choosing our firm as your next GC.



No excuses or finger-pointing. You’ll work with one team in a smooth, controlled process from concept to completion. We take full responsibility of any project that we Design & Build. 


Value Engineering

We address budget and feasibility issues early, before they impact the quality of the product or the integrity of the process. We work hand in hand with our architecture team to create plans that incorporate both your vision and efficiency.

Streamlined Communication

We’re known for our efficiency and ability to move quickly through a project without cutting any corners. Our team of contractors is well disciplined, methodical, organized, and take pride in their work.


Details Driven

With more time & emphasis on the planning phase, we’re able to analyze & include every single detail before putting anything down on paper. Construction moves faster and forgotten items become a thing of the past.


 We take time to get to know you, help you break down and understand your estimate, and employ clear, consistent communication from beginning to end. We value complete transparency and want you to be fully informed at every stage of the delivery process. 

Social Consciousness

Our goal is to be able to use our platform and create a positive impact in our community. We are firm in our pursuit of sustainability, philanthropy, and driving socioeconomic change in low income neighborhoods through construction.

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Google Reviews

  • 5 star review  Initially took a little longer than I had hoped to get an invoice for remodeling our condo but the wait was worth it in my opinion! They moved very quickly, changing out the flooring, hanging drywall, and renovating our bathrooms. They never made any excuses, finished 3 days ahead of schedule and most of all were incredibly detailed and CLEAN. I cannot stress how shocking that was to my partner and I, we always have to pay a cleaning crew to come in and this was the first time we didn't. Guys, thank you so much for the care you showed our property and I hope you have an awesome 2020!

    thumb Stella ryan

    5 star review  Mo and Eddie are absolutely hilarious!!! I see why people like to work with these guys! They were able to fix my mother's apartment building's front door steps with a 3 day notice - concrete removed, replaced, and sealed without breaking a sweat - or the bank. Thumbs up in my book!

    thumb Tris Davis

    5 star review  Great people to work with.They provide an amazing service at an affordable cost.It was great working with them.

    thumb A Google User
  • 5 star review  Never heard of these guys until last week when I saw one of their flyers in the mail. I happened to need my North Side parking garage pressure washed as we're hoping to sell it soon(hint hint - any buyers email me! LOL). Gave them a call and they said we'll be out at Thursday at noon. At 11:45 am they were there, ready to go and brought me a coffee, which blew me the hell away. So they were already on my good side and kept growing, they got done at great speed and I'm thinking "oh great probably BS'd everything and I'll have to make them do it again...hate those convos." but nope fooled me again. No issues minus 2 small oil spots on the third floor but they didn't even hesitate just ran back up and finished it. Had a great time hanging out with them and i'm sure my wife was glad to be rid of me for a few hours LOL. 5/5 and provided they're not one hit wonders they'll be doing my other garages through July.

    thumb generator jeff

    5 star review  Their facility management services are very spot on for being a small business. Great communication, affordable, and very savvy. 5 stars from this guy.

    thumb Joel Peter

    5 star review  As a contractor it is refreshing to see someone still holds there word. Done several jobs with R & R and always a pleasure.

    thumb Manuel Saenz

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