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You Deserve The Best Commercial Pressure Washing Service

R & R Chicago is a commercial-only pressure cleaning company specializing in niche power washing services and upgraded technology to improve your experience.

We want to provide more than just pressure washing, we want to help make your life easier. So we create new services based on problems our clients have and work to minimize or eliminate them. 

Your Benefits With Our Professional Cleaning Promise

Industry Expertise

We know our industries very well, having worked in them for years. We know the standards you have set and by focusing only on commercial clients, we are better able to deliver higher quality and a more personalized experience.

Licensed & Insured

You definitely could save a few bucks using the guy you found on Craigslist until he blasts a hole into your windows. Save the headache and choose a company that is confident of their skill and still insures it to protect your business.


More Options

Our primary focus is on niche pressure washing services that most companies do not offer (or even exist). The reason being is that we’ve created them from our own experiences, we just wanted someone else to do it. And we did since 2017 we have continued to add more and more niche services.


Risk Management

  With that health inspection coming up, you often have to rely on your own staff to come in and get the job done. But a server knows how to serve, not scrape dried grease off the sides of a fryer. One false move and she can cut her finger, and your docket now includes fighting a lawsuit. With R&R, we take all the liability for ourselves, our staff is trained extensively on the proper methods of cleaning equipment quickly and efficiently.

Save Money

Why pay your employees $12/hour, then spend 12 hours for the job to not get done properly? Save money on bandages, trips to the ER, chemical burns, lunch, lawsuits, and having to hire professionals anyway. We get the job done quicker and without headaches.

No-Show, No-Pay

We noticed too often contractors will schedule appointments and just simply not show up. Maybe you had to work an extra shift or find a babysitter. With
R & R Chicago, if we ever no-call, no-show we will reimburse you for the time we wasted. We guarantee it. Just ask our team for more info at your next estimate. 

A Few Reasons Why We’re The Best Pressure Washing Company in Chicago

  • review rating 5  wonderful service, John was very punctual and left no mess when he cleaned our storefront. thank you!

    thumb Maria Hernandez

    review rating 5  Never heard of these guys until last week when I saw one of their flyers in the mail. I happened to need my North Side parking garage pressure washed as we're hoping to sell it soon(hint hint - any buyers email me! LOL). Gave them a call and they said we'll be out at Thursday at noon. At 11:45 am they were there, ready to go and brought me a coffee, which blew me the hell away. So they were already on my good side and kept growing, they got done at great speed and I'm thinking "oh great probably BS'd everything and I'll have to make them do it again...hate those convos." but nope fooled me again. No issues minus 2 small oil spots on the third floor but they didn't even hesitate just ran back up and finished it. Had a great time hanging out with them and i'm sure my wife was glad to be rid of me for a few hours LOL. 5/5 and provided they're not one hit wonders they'll be doing my other garages through July.

    thumb generator jeff

    review rating 5  I own a few auto detailing centers and trucking depots around illinois, indiana, and florida and needed a power washing company to service our properties. They cleaned the oil stains, did a fleet wash for our trucks and buses, and cleaned all the sidewalks in less than a day. Very reasonable on price and easy process. Impressed.

    thumb Lee Showers
  • review rating 5  These guys used to be known as Nectarine Clean a commercial power washing company in Chicago. Met the owners at a Cubs game and they helped my Uncle out the next day. He told me to do this because he couldn't figure out how. But he really likes you guys! Good work!

    thumb Nick Goonsby

    review rating 5  For all my business cleaning that I can’t take care of I call R&R. These guys do the job quick and spotless, thanks guys

    thumb Clear Visuals

    review rating 5  Awesome service, heard they’re great guys too.

    thumb Orda Strategic
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