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I had never heard of Design-Build prior to working with this team but they were patient and understanding with me from A-Z. They helped me figure out what I can and can’t do with my budget, showed me to the type of materials I can get, gave me multiple ways to redesign my kitchen, and provided a simple easy to understand proposal which we accepted. I was very happy with both the design and build service they provided and I think you will be too.


I hired R&R Chicago for a home renovation where we relocated the plumbing for a new kitchen with an open floor plan for a flip. After interviewing 3 contractors I decided to go with R&R because they provided the best communication and were the first to submit an estimate.

The process after that went very smoothly- material was ordered right away, contractors did their work quickly and with little waste, job site was cleaned up at the end of every day, the work was done with a high level of quality and professionalism, and they completed the project within the confines of the agreed upon timeline.

I’ve used them on 2 other flips since then with similar results. I’ve been very pleased thus far working with this team and hope to continue working with them for years to come.


I recently contracted R&R Chicago for Design-Build services to renovate my 1 bedroom condo in the loop. Their Design services made it very easy for a busy professional like myself to understand the construction process and choose materials that would keep me within my budget. And when the Build services started it was like setting it on auto-pilot. They completed on time and I was very happy with the final product.


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The R&R Design Build Advantage

Here are just some of the benefits of working with our Design-Build Company for your next Chicago Bathroom Remodel

One Stop Shop Bathroom Renovations: All your bathroom remodeling needs under one roof from architecture to design, vendor sourcing to construction, we’re here for you from Day 1. As a full-service bathroom design-build provider we help you save time and money.

Trusted Contractors: All of our trade partners have been vetted and tested. We oversee and collaborate with the best teams of licensed and insured craftsmen in Cook County. We handle the risk so you don’t have to.

Unwavering Integrity: Trust, honesty, and reliability in every interaction. We tell you what you need to hear, not what you hope to hear so you can make the most informed decisions you can.

Personalized Spaces: Designed around your unique tastes and lifestyle.

Tailored Budgeting: Design solutions for your financial plan. We can’t make the impossible happen but we can work with you to come up with a plan that can create a bathroom that will bring you joy within your desired budget.

Cutting-Edge Techniques: Staying ahead with the latest construction innovations, we are constantly trying new ways to improve our processes and deliver an unmatched service.

In-Depth Consultations: Your vision, our expertise, together from Day 1. We take the time to listen to you and ask thought-provoking questions to truly understand your vision.

Lifetime Support: Our relationship doesn’t end after completion. We offer a limited warranty on all remodeling projects, 5 year warranties for new construction, assistance with managing warranties for materials, and check-ins to see how you’re doing.

Energy-Efficient Solutions: Save on bills while saving the planet.

Clear Communication: Regular updates weekly, at every project milestone or as your prefer.

Hassle-Free Permitting: We handle all paperwork intricacies, bureaucratic communications, and breaking it down for you an easily digestible manner.

Tech-Infused Designs: Integrating smart home features effortlessly.

Skillful Problem-Solving: Converting building challenges specific to your family and home into design opportunities.

Home Value Boost: We consult you on remodeling features that increase your home’s market appeal.

Intuitive Layouts: We craft spaces that intuitively flow together. Aesthetics that meet function. We create stunning spaces that work seamlessly and make the most out of every square foot.

Chicago’s Premier Full-Service Bathroom Remodeling Firm

Imagine stepping into a bathroom that feels like it was made just for you. At R&R Chicago Design-Build, we don’t just remodel; we listen, understand, and then transform. Your stories, habits, and little quirks? They inspire our designs.

Now, you might wonder, “Why not call some contractors, pick up some materials, and try to stitch this bathroom remodeling story together myself?” We love your attitude but remember, every good story needs a master storyteller. We’re here to simplify that story for you.

From our first phone call to that proud moment when you first step into your new bathroom, we promise to be by your side. Every detail, every choice, it’s all about making your vision come alive.

Concerned about the maze of building permits, construction timelines, or design choices? Think of us as your guide. We’ve journeyed through this landscape many times, and we know all the shortcuts and scenic routes. And we love sharing the journey with you, every step, every decision.

Together, we’ll craft a space where beauty meets functionality. This is more than just changing the looks, we’re talking about building value for years to come – for you, your family, and your home.

At R&R Chicago Design-Build, we believe it’s about moments, memories, and morning routines in a space that feels right.

Ready for that amazing bathroom you’ve always wanted? Partner with the best in the game. Let’s work together to make your dream bathroom come alive. And if you’re wondering why we stand out from other bathroom remodelers in Chicago, read on to see what makes us special.

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Chicago Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bathroom Remodeling Services We Offer


We work with you to provide an estimate suitable for your budget. This is the first step to finding out if your desired project is feasible or not.

Consultation Services

For more complex projects that require more investigation, higher complexity, or bathrooms in condo high rises.

Interior Design & Architecture

One-stop shop to envision, design, price out, 3D Rendering, and create architectural plans for your next project. 

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling includes structural changes such as adding larger vanities, adding new bathrooms, or changing tubs for walk in showers.

Bathroom Renovation

Cosmetic renovation includes replacing or updating all existing cosmetic material such as tile, vanities, fixtures, toilets, and or switching out tubs.

Custom Bathrooms

Looking for something a little more? Our teams can add clawfoot soaking tubs, custom sized walk in showers, laundry units, expand bathrooms and more.

Common Bathroom Remodeling Questions & Answers

How Much Does A Bathroom Remodel Cost In Chicago?

Your cost is entirely dependent on your scope of work. Lower-cost remodels could involve one or two trades and include painting, replacing a vanity and faucet, new lighting, accessories and new tile. This is for a smaller sized bathroom (50 square feet) with builder grade material. This will likely start around $15,000. This will give you a refreshed look but you would keep the tub or shower you have currently.

Projects where you’re updating everything – vanity, vanity top, tile flooring, lighting, and converting a tub to shower will start around $35,000. This is for a larger bathroom (~100 sqft) and mid grade level material. This will give you that entirely new bathroom feel with new bathroom fixtures.

Pricier remodels could be replacing all material in a kitchen or expanding and adding more features such as a larger bathroom, basement bathroom (especially if the city requires special permitting) adding a second fixture such as a tub to an empty space, complex projects, or projects that require high level of craftsmanship due to the nature of the material selected. This is for bathrooms 100 sqft or higher and starts around $50,000.

Please note – this is entirely subjective. There are numerous factors that come into play here including the size of the space, the material you select, labor rates, unknowns (i.e. subfloor is damaged and needs to be replaced), etc. Every remodel is priced according to it’s specific circumstances and in line with your ideal vision.

How Long Does A Bathroom Remodel Take?

According to our process, on-site construction can last anywhere from 4-8weeks, with an average of 4-5 weeks, depending on the type of project. This does not include design, planning, material delivery times, permitting, inspections, and other expected milestones. This is a standard timeline however please note that there are many other factors that could influence a schedule and cause unexpected delays. We do our best to keep you constantly informed and be active in the process to forecast delays and work around them.

Our clients can easily follow project updates through our owners portal which gives clients access to photos, reports, change orders, and team communications.

What Is Kitchen Remodeling Design-Build?

Kitchen remodeling (or renovation) Design-Build is a project delivery method meaning we don’t just start construction after one conversation. We use a process that first dives deep into your wants, needs, and desires, your lifestyle, your family, and try and see your vision through an in-depth consultation.

We collaborate with our trusted, licensed architects and designers to begin the bringing your vision to life. Design-Build gives you the luxury of saving time by eliminating unnecessary selections that might conflict with your vision, timeline, or budget by having a project manager with you moderating the discussions. Our team can quickly identify roadblocks and work with you and the designer to craft an alternative solution.

Finally before any material is purchased or hammers are swung you’ll be able to see your vision in 2D or 3D and approve it, saving time and money during the construction process being that all decisions have been made and minimal input is needed.

What Is An Estimate vs A Fixed Price Contract?

An estimate is an educated, conceptual budget with figures derived from similar projects in size, scope, area, and materials. It is not a guarantee that this will be your final price. It may be higher or lower.

A fixed price contract can only be provided after design plans are completed, all material has been selected, project expectations and responsibilities outlined (such as who is ordering the material), and tradesmen have had a chance to see the site.

We can provide a rough estimate, usually given over the phone or in person as a range or a detailed estimate that is usually within 20-30% of the fixed price. Detailed estimates are provided after site visits and usually come with a fee that can be applied to your design rate as a deposit if we are selected as our design and build team.

Why Should I Hire A Bathroom Design-Build Firm?

Besides the benefits we listed above your alternatives are:

– Doing the project yourself, finding and contractors, ordering, receiving materials, scheduling correctly, and coordinating your contractors, architect and designer to work together and that they’re playing nice. You’d need a license to do this, you take all financial and legal responsibilities, and you will basically need to treat it like a full time job.

– You can hire an architect/designer and general contractor or kitchen remodeling company separately, you’d be responsible for communicating to both parties what is needed, and making sure that your decisions will not make your price inflate. You assume most of the responsibility financially and legally.

– You can hire a design-build firm, pay the nearly the same as you would for doing everything yourself, and offset the responsiblity and communication by having one party take charge of bringing your vision to life.

What Is Your Process Like?

Click here if you’re interested in learning more about our process!

How Can I Prepare For An On Site Consultation?

First, take some time to think or talk it over with your partner. What are your needs, desires, and wish list? What is the maximum you are willing to invest in your dream kitchen? Why are you remodeling? What are your minimum requirements – do you absolutely have to get rid of your floors or cabinets? What do you love about the existing space? What can you keep in your kitchen? When do you need to have this done by? These questions are important because the inform us what we can and can’t do. If the maximum you are willing to invest is $20,000, you will only be able to replace a few items. We can help make the kitchen feel brand new, but there will still be elements of the old space.

Next, create a pinterest for your inspiration. This helps us see the vision you’re trying to bring to life and sets us on the right path. Follow us here for ideas on what you can do.

Finally, the day of make sure the space is as cleared as possible. This allows us to see things that might not have been visible in our initial digital conversations. Be ready to be asked thought provoking questions, and have your partner or other decision maker with you to save time and headaches later on.

How Do I Get An Estimate?

To start the process of getting an estimate, click here.

Wicker Park Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Process

Intake Form

Prospective new clients will fill out an intake form with as much information as possible.


Our team will review your submitted form and check to make sure we have the availability, resources, and fit for your project.  We will set up a call to learn more about you, your family, and needs.

Our consultations range around 30 minutes and we use this time to go over a range of topics to understand your goals and vision.

On-Site Visit

If after our consultation, we are in alignment and both parties feel that we are a good fit, we will set up a site walkthrough. We’ll take measurements and show you some examples of what you can do. We’ll then create an estimate and send a Design proposal that includes a prospective budget based on our initial meeting.

Design Phase

The Design & Planning phase begins with an in-person discovery with our General Contractor, Interior Designer and Architect (if applicable). We thoroughly investigate your home, take measurements for design plans, and dive into the details of your scope of work.

Still not sure if Design-Build is right for you? Continue Reading About Our Process Here

Bathroom Remodel Preview
Logan Square Bathroom Renovation
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At R&R Chicago Design-Build, we understand that your home should reflect your unique style and function while meeting your needs and optimizing your lifestyle. 

Our approach is simple: understand deeply, act purposefully. As a boutique firm, our strength lies in our focused team—a mix of skilled designers, experienced architects, and diligent craftsmen. Together, we’re committed to crafting spaces that cater to both your aesthetic desires and functional needs.

What makes R&R the premier choice?

  • All-Inclusive Service: Kitchen renovations become seamless with R&R. From the inception of design to the culmination in construction, we’re your trusted partner, ensuring both time and budget are used efficiently.
  • The Best in the Business: Our collaboration with the foremost licensed professionals in Chicago guarantees that your home is in the hands of the industry’s finest.
  • Tailored Budgeting: Design solutions for your financial plan. We can’t make the impossible happen but we can work with you to come up with a plan that can create a space that will bring you joy within your desired parameters.
  • Open and Honest Guidance: We believe in clear communication. Our advice is always straightforward, ensuring you’re well-informed at every juncture.
  • Skillful Problem-Solving: Challenges are opportunities in disguise. Our team excels in transforming potential hurdles into innovative design solutions.
  • Continued Support: Your relationship with R&R extends past project completion. With our warranties and regular check-ins, we’re your lasting partners in thoughtful home care.
  • A Smooth Sail: With R&R, the intricacies of permits and paperwork are handled efficiently, setting you on a hassle-free renovation path.

Envision a home that doesn’t just meet, but exceeds, every expectation. A space that’s not just built, but artfully crafted. R&R Chicago Design-Build is committed to ensuring that your space reflects your unique personality and style. Our goal is to create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also practical and functional, so you can enjoy them for years to come.With R&R, this isn’t a mere dream, but a promise. Let’s bring your vision to life, together.


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Best of Houzz Service Award
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