4 Strategies – How to Choose A Color For Your Interior Painting Project

March 19, 2020

4 Best options to help choose a color for your interior painting project

Do you want to change the vibe of your rental home or business? WITHOUT spending a ton of money on furniture or a remodel? How about repainting the interior? In case you were wondering, it’s proven that refreshing the colors of an interior house or business can help give a whole new look without much effort or money out of pocket.

Cool Tones

  1. White / Off-white – The Timeless option

Well, if you don’t have any ideas at all about what color you will choose for your home or office, we’d suggest the classic white or off white colors. White is a safe option because it will bring light to the room, make the room appear larger, and it’s simple- it goes with everything. If you’re not a risk taker this is a perfect option. 

  1. Greenery / Yellow-Green – The Fresh Option

If you like to take a little risk when it comes to painting the walls of your house, this might be for you. One of the colors that came to light in 2017 by Pantone is greenery, a yellowish-green mixture that gives a fresh earth look to your room. It goes great with tropical decor, quite fashionable, and paired with live plants will make all your guests feel like they stepped into an exotic jungle. And it looks great in a living room!

  1. Niagra Blue – The relaxing option

Our recommended colors for rooms, bedrooms, and private offices: Niagara Blue. Those who are fans of cold colors, understand it is about a blend that gives off a calm and relaxing vibe. Easy to see because it is one of the most demanded colors for rooms lately.  It’s a color that brings a positive energy that is ideal for painting rooms of any types.

Warm Tones

  1. Yellow – The Happy Option

Yellow, the color of sunflowers and school busses, is a color that emits radiance and happiness. It is one of the most used colors for house and office interiors, especially for those looking to leave the traditional white behind. Yellow is a bright color that can really turn a small, dark room into a lighter more inviting home.

  1. Red – The Bold Option

The color of passion, Red is a color for the more daring – a statement color through and through. It’s not the most common for interior walls but it can be a really good option for painting a living room, if paired with the right furniture and flooring. This color on interior walls has to be used with precaution because there are so many different shades, pairing a dark red with dark floors in a small room might make you feel like a prisoner in your own home.

  1. Orange – The Retro Option

 An oranged-red that resembles fire, bold and charismatic can be used in combination with other colors like grey or white to create a very simple but unique look inside the house. There’s not much that can go with orange so be conservative on how much furniture you bring in, as well as the color of the floors and trim. Keep it simple with a minimalist look – white trim and accents, white furniture, and an open layout.


What do you think about the recommended colors? Which was your favorite?

Keep in mind that painting the walls will always be cheaper than doing other renovations. Careful planning, taping, and tarp will make things much easier for you. 

Of course, you might not always have time, and trying to paint the interior of your home could end up being more of a headache than you bargained for. But don’t worry if you do not feel comfortable painting your rental property or business office – we might be able to help. Give us a call at 708-789-9693 or check out our Google reviews for other satisfied customers!

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